Our service specialises in repairing electronic components of high-speed gate drivers.
We are the European leader in this area.

We carry out repairs for service companies,
factory services and maintenance departments of various final customers,
such as manufacturing companies or store chains.

We have created the site www.repair-controllers.uk
in order to reach more customers in the UK.

The website for the entire activity of our company can be found at: www.bramy-serwis.pl


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What type of equipment do we repair?

We specialise in repairing high-speed door controllers
from all manufacturers on the market.

We have the most experience with the following equipment:
BK 150 FUE-1
AK 500 FUE-1
Examples of markings on repaired electronic boards:

FE 454/4, FE 490/2
FE 537 / 3.1, FE 542/2, FE 542/4, FE 542/4.1 FE 542/6, FE 542/6, FE 542/7, FE 543/2, FE 563/2, FE 579/1
FE 604/1, FE 604/2, FE 604/3, FE 605/2, FE 605/3, FE 635/4.1, FE 642/2
FE 804/4, FE 834/4, FE 834/4.1, FE 858/2.2, FE 858-3.1
8930R0064, D8930R0111

We also undertake repairs on other types of equipment* - not listed above.
We have experience in servicing both new devices as well as very old devices, manufactured even in 1995.

* We do not perform diagnostics / repairs of equipment for individual customers.

What defects do we fix?

Drivers in high-speed gates are susceptible to different types of defects, and we have developed repair methodology for most of them.
Examples are presented in the table below:

Error / symptoms

F752 –problem with communication between the driver and the rev counter in the drive, it is possible to operate the gate only in standby mode

F519 – a problem with the built-in frequency converter that completely prevents the gate drive from moving

E/F201, E/F211, E/F212 – problem with emergency stop circuits preventing the gate from moving

F915, F921, F910 – internal error of the driver's electronic components prevents the gate from moving

Dark driver display – problem with internal driver power supply

The driver display blinks, the red LED above the display is lit – a short-circuit in one of the circuits preventing the driver from starting




3 - 5



How do I disassemble the gate controller? Complete device or electronics only?

What is the effectiveness of repairs?

95% of received drivers can be repaired. A very important factor influencing success or failure is whether someone who did not have enough knowledge and experience tried to repair the driver. In such cases, our effectiveness drops to 50% through inadvertently caused additional damage with which cannot be fixed.

Do you provide a warranty for the repaired device?

Yes, we provide a 12-month warranty for the repair. The condition is the assembly / correct connection and commissioning by our service technicians. In the event that the customer feels capable of starting the device at his own risk, you can count on our full support via telephone / email consultancy.

How much does it cost to repair the driver?

We have set repair prices for most types of drivers. The valuation is presented on an individual request, after the client describes the problems occurring with the given device. If the device cannot be repaired - we charge a fee only for the return of the damaged driver.

I am interested in a repair, I want to know its cost, what to do?

Send an e-mail to the head of the service at the following address:
The minimum information that we need for the valuation is: photo or model / type of the damaged driver and description of the failure - how it manifests itself during the operation of the gate. Later, after accepting the costs, we will also need the photos of: the entire gate, the nameplate on the gate, and the drive's nameplates.

I accepted the cost of repair, what next?

Pack the entire driver securely (including the back cover and front cover). Add a short letter to the shipment - the repair instruction together with your company's data, the contact person's details (first name, surname, e-mail address and telephone number) and a short description of what is happening with the device.

Send the package to the following address:

ul. Mickiewicza 26
64-510 Wronki

As soon as we get the driver - we'll let you know about it. We will keep you updated about the progress of the diagnostics / repair through our proprietary service system.
After the repair, the devices are subjected to cyclic testing - we perform several thousand cycles to check the correctness of operation.

How long does repair take? When will I get the driver back?

Estimated repair time - from the moment we receive the package to the moment of sending the invoice for the repair - takes several working days. After receiving the confirmation of the wire transfer, we call a courier to pick up the working driver. In case of continuous cooperation with service companies or factory services, we offer a deferred payment date.

Do you have drivers for sale?

Yes, please visit our dedicated page: https://szybkarolka.pl/katalog-sterownikow/

If after reading the above description you have additional questions,
please contact us:

+48 733 752 915
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